Are you looking for answers to your questions, for information about certain conditions (like food allergies or intolerances, Hashimoto, prediabetes, etc.), but also about other topics that might help you be in tip-top shape? Light & Delight provides you with clear answers throughout its articles, as understanding and being well-informed is key to taking action and taking care of your health.

Understanding: spotlight on…

various pathologies

Different pathologies can lead you to change your diet. A clear understanding of the underlying mechanisms is key to better accepting and managing your diet and your health, thus giving yourself a chance to be at your best.

how the human body works

Taking care of your health also entails discovering and understanding certain essential systems of the human body. The better informed you are, the more you can pamper yourself.

other medical issues

Because many questions revolve around the health issues that lead you to change your diet, Light & Delight sheds light on some very interesting concepts that could help you be in great shape!