Batch cooking

Because living with a health issue that leads you to eat differently (allergies, intolerances, etc.) often means preparing your own meals, Light & Delight sheds some light on batch cooking, a technique that will allow you to somewhat free yourself from the daily burden of meal preparation and will considerably lighten the associated mental load.


save time

Rather than thinking about what you are going to cook for almost every meal, finding a recipe, shopping, taking out dishes, cooking, tidying up the kitchen, doing the dishes – well, you got the point… – cooking a large number of meals in one go and then storing them for later is a definite time saver!

Save energy

Cooking recipes in large quantities and storing them to be eaten over the following weeks/months is also a huge energy saver! It means avoiding staying up late at night to prepare the next day's meals.

stay on track

As managing food intolerances or allergies (or other conditions that require a "different" diet) is already rather complicated, getting organized is essential in order to make it over the long run. Batch cooking brings great relief and allows you to catch your breath... in order to stay on track.