The light program

Welcome to the “light” program. You are here because you feel that this meal planning program might be the best fit for you. Should you need to review the different programs, click here:


The “light” program is a method that will allow you to organize your meals if you only have to take care of yourself (you don’t have children – or they are independant – and especially not young ones), and if your schedule is quite busy, because you work or study, for example. You still have some free time, you are far from overworked, but you need and want efficiency in managing your meals.


This program aims to allow you to optimize your schedule. It will help you to eat in a healthy way without having to spend too much time preparing your meals. This way, you will not have to spend most of your free time cooking and will be able to keep your social life, activities, hobbies, etc.


This program is going to consist of implementing some organizing strategies that will allow you to achieve greater efficiency and save time. It iwill entail planning and preparing in advance part of your meals (for example those that you eat outside) so that you can have peace of mind and are free to do other activities.


If you don’t live alone, you need to figure out beforehand who will benefit from the meals you will be planning. Are these meals going to be for you alone or for your partner/family also? If not everyone in the house has the same diet (for example, you are the only one who does not eat gluten), would you rather prepare one dish for everyone or two separate dishes?

What tools do I need?


Given your schedule, plannings will be a great help to you. You want to free yourself from the task of preparing all or some of your meals daily (for example, all lunches taken outside during the week). Having a meal plan covering one, two or three weeks will greatly simplify matters, as you will be setting up a mechanism that will allow you to automate your meal planning process. Indeed, a planning covering several weeks (two, three, four, depending on the recipes you have and your willingness to eat the same dishes regularly) can be reused over the course of several months. No need to sweat it out any longer, it's a system that can quickly run like clockwork!

Batch cooking

Batch cooking can help you prepare ahead of time the meals you intend to plan. Cook several recipes in large quantities, divide into servings and store. The more you batch cook for the meals in question, the more you'll be relieved and free to go about your business.


Once you have prepared your meals in large quantities (batch cooking), you can freeze some of them to be eaten over the course of the following weeks or months. How convenient when all you need to do is defrost them!

How do I proceed: recap

I choose my program

I choose one of the available programs. Each program is a toolbox designed to guide me, so I adapt it according to my situation. I can either jump right in or start slowly: either way, the goal is to set up a coherent system that will help me in the long run.

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I figure out who I am going to plan for

Based on my personal situation, I may need to determine if everyone in my household will be on the same diet or if there will be variations, and whether I will be preparing meals in advance just for me or for several people.


I create a planning

I draw up a meal plan for some of my meals so that I can prepare everything in advance and not forget anything, for several weeks if possible. This planning will also help me do my grocery shopping and remember what I had planned for when. I will be able to reuse this meal plan throughout the year, which will make the process so much easier.


I prepare in advance

I prepare my meals in advance thanks to the batch cooking technique, to save time and energy.

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I freeze (optional)

I freeze all or part of the meals I prepare, especially if I want to get organized over a period of several weeks.



Regaining a little freedom is indeed the goal, so I take advantage of that freedom. My mental load is lighter, as I can now focus on something other than the constant preparation of meals. Yippee, my schedule makes a lot more sense!



If you have some time, take the opportunity to…


You have some free time? Take the opportunity to read about your health issues, how your body works, different relaxation techniques, etc. The more informed you are, the more you will be able to take care of yourself in a holistic way.


If you find a moment, take the opportunity to explore: learn more about healthy ingredients, try out recipes. It’s an investment for greater pleasure and well-being!


Exercise, meditate, play board games, go to the spa if that’s your thing, in short, anything that can do you some good and that you enjoy. Health is a whole.

the planning tools

To help you set up the planning system that suits you best, Light & Delight provides you with its planning tools. Totally free, these tools will allow you to build reusable meal plans, to automatically generate the associated shopping list and/or to download a blank planner if you’d rather get organized on paper. More details on these tip top tools can be found here:

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