Meal planning: your tip top tools

Need help planning your meals and/or those of your family? Light & Delight provides you with simple yet effective tools that will make the task much easier. Plus, they are free! Here is a quick overview.

The tools : introduction


Compile your favorite recipes (Light & Delight's and/or your own) and create your own collections. Do you want a "snack" collection, a "soup" collection? Just arrange recipes according to your preferences.

Meal plans

Create meal plans to get organized and save time. Over a week, two weeks, a month... whatever works best for you. Add Light & Delight's recipes, personal recipes, notes, ingredients, change portions, add color codes, etc.

Shopping lists

From your collections or meal plans, generate your shopping lists in a few clicks. You can adjust portions as needed to change the shopping list accordingly, and print your lists. Once a meal plan and its shopping list are created, you can reuse them over time. What a weight off your mind!

Downloadable planners

If you'd rather get organized on paper or create a first draft by hand, we've got you covered. Download and print a weekly planner. You will also be able to add to your online collections the planner templates that you' re interested in among those created by Light & Delight, to save time.

The tools : get access ?

Create a free account

Why an account? Because without an account, you wouldn't be able to save your meal plans, shopping lists, notes, etc. With an account, you won't lose your valuable data, which you can access from any computer or phone!

Enjoy your tools!

From your account, you have access to the planning tools and downloadable planners. You can go through the "tips" (if you are less comfortable with digital tools) and even contact Light & Delight if you need help. Getting organized takes a load off your shoulders...

Creating an account: this way

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