Getting organized: why?

Living with a food intolerance can be complicated — depending on the nature of the intolerance and the intensity of the symptoms. Living with allergies is yet another challenge; it can be much more complex, and therefore needs to be managed all the more seriously.

Whatever the case may be, any pathology that requires the exclusion of certain foods has repercussions on everyday life. You have to be careful about what you eat. At home, this means buying the right food, the right ingredients, and often cooking a good share of what you need. Outside, it means being very cautious, reading labels, asking the right questions in restaurants, limiting yourself to certain products and a few trusted places. In the end, eating out often involves cooking your food at home in advance as well.

Once diagnosed, these conditions quickly become a big part of people’s lives. They require a new way of thinking and a new approach to daily life. What seemed so simple before that you didn’t even need to give it much thought — going to a restaurant with friends, for example — takes on a whole new dimension. Going to a restaurant can become a headache, eating at your work canteen can be complicated, to say the least, buying a snack at work could be hazardous, having your children eat at school is now simply impossible.

Depending on the nature of the pathology (intolerance, allergy, etc.) and the situation of the person who has to manage it, daily eating can quickly become really complicated. Something that is very heavy to manage. Breakfast, lunch, snack (if any), dinner. Having to prepare these meals after a work day, a study day, or a work day followed by an evening of family life is difficult. It is overwhelming. It is a load that can quickly become exhausting.

In light of this reality, managing food on a day-to-day basis without having a system in place, an organization that allows you to lighten this load, means taking the risk of either “dropping out” and putting your health at risk, or running straight into the wall of a burnout.

Getting organized allows you to get out of this pattern. De ne plus être à la merci de ce souci de santé dont on se passerait bien. Getting organized means taking the lead, resuming control, breaking out of limitations and living a “normal” life again — or almost normal… Et même si ce n’est pas vivre exactement comme avant, c’est quand même sortir la tête de l’eau, accepter sa situation et faire au mieux pour la vivre le plus harmonieusement possible.

Welcome to Light & Delight!

Welcome to Light & Delight!

I am Louise and I offer you tasty gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free recipes that will delight kids and grown-ups alike. But also information, advice and tools to help you get organized and handle your dietary challenges as lightly as possible!

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