Getting organized: how?

If you have to adopt a different diet because of a health concern (food allergy or intolerance, pre-diabetes, Hashimoto, etc.), getting organized can become essential (see the article Getting organized: why?).

But what exactly does getting organized mean? What does it concretely entail?





Getting organized means doing everything you can to ensure that the pathology that causes you to eat differently takes up as little space as possible in your daily life. To lead a “normal” life and make sure that these disorders do not prevent you from enjoying yourself, resting, socializing, etc.

This set-up can be different from one person to another, as we all have specific needs based on our medical and family situation. A person who lives alone and suffers from intolerances will not have to rely on the same organizational strategies as a mother of several children with food allergies.

Light & Delight offers you various strategies to get organized based on your situation and your needs, which you can find here: Meal planning: how do I go about it?


When you start living with a health problem that causes you to change your diet, the learning curve can be very steep. Obviously, this all depends on the nature and severity of the condition, but generally speaking, a profound change must be implemented very quickly.

Someone who has a relaxed lifestyle will be able to take the time to do research, to consider different approaches, to try out this or that food, this or that method in order to cope as well as possible. On the other hand, a person who already has a busy life will tend to dive right in and do their best to get by, because they have to somehow manage. This is especially true for people who work a lot, or who have young children.

The thing is, if you dive headlong into this, your organization will only be superficial. Sure, problematic foods will be avoided, meals will be ready, but everything will be done at the last minute and everything will quickly become grueling. If you are in this situation, I hope you read our articles and find the information you need to take a step back, feel supported and make the changes that will enable you to stop living in a constant state of tension.

To help you get organized, Light & Delight presents you with simple but effective tools, and explains throughout the articles how to use them in order to set up a foolproof, or at least well-muscled, organization system.

Getting organized starts with planning. Planning your meals over a week, over several weeks, over two months, may seem like a titanic task, and it is true that it requires a certain initial investment. But the interest you will earn on that investment will be so high that once you get started, you probably won’t want to do without it. Besides, planning your meals also means planning your groceries, which means that you will take two considerable loads off your shoulders in a snap! To help you, Light & Delight provides you with concrete tools that will allow you to get organized on a day to day basis. Learn more about them here: Meal planning: your tip top tools

Getting organized is also about getting equipped. Here again, everyone has their own needs. If you only have your meals to prepare or some of your meals, if your diet is different but fairly simple to handle, you might not need anything or not much at all (except to concoct some little treats…). If you manage the intolerances of all the members of your family, children included, you might be delighted to invest in a superb cooking food processor that will become your best ally in the kitchen and bring you great relief. Of course, getting equipped will also depend on your budget. Light & Delight puts forward ideas, tested and approved, and explains which equipment could help you and in what way, so that you can do what is best in your situation.

Getting organized is finally about batch cooking and freezing. These two concepts go hand in hand and can totally turn things around. Cooking in large quantities, portioning and freezing. A wonderful way to lighten your mental load, spend less time in the kitchen and catch your breath. BREAAAATHE.

You will find all the details you need about all these tools in the various articles published on Light & Delight over the weeks (to make sure you get them, simply subscribe to the newsletter!). And of course, if you have any questions or need help, do not hesitate to contact us in the comments section. Have fun exploring!

Welcome to Light & Delight!

Welcome to Light & Delight!

I am Louise and I offer you tasty gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free recipes that will delight kids and grown-ups alike. But also information, advice and tools to help you get organized and handle your dietary challenges as lightly as possible!

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