How do recipies work?


The recipes offered by Light & Delight are mainly gluten-free, dairy-free and refined sugar-free. They are the recipes I have developed over time for my family, to take care of everyone’s digestive system. Why focus on those three elements?

  • gluten-free: because gluten causes more and more digestive issues and is less and less tolerated. A gluten-free diet is gentler on the intestinal mucus;

  • dairy-free: because dairy products can also cause a host of complications, from lactose intolerance to milk protein allergy. Having said that, if you are comfortable with dairy products and prefer to keep them for their calcium intake, for example, you can easily adapt recipes by using dairy products where I have substituted them. In fact, you will sometimes find several suggestions in the recipes when it comes to butter, so you can choose the ingredient you want to use according to your sensitivity and/or preferences;

  • refined sugar-free: because sugar and blood sugar levels are directly linked to all insulin-related disorders, but also because refined sugar is an empty sugar, meaning that it contains no nutrients (unlike more natural sweeteners).

The recipes are there to help you eat healthy and tasty food. Feel free to substitute the ingredients you might have a problem with, depending on your sensitivities (intolerances, allergies or other pathologies).


Light & Delight’s recipes focus on pleasure and digestive comfort. They are not specifically vegan, paleo, vegetarian, etc. That being said, you can use the filters to find recipes suited to your diet (“By diet” filter).

You can also filter the recipes by ingredient (main ones) and by course.

If you would like other filters to be available, please send us a message in the Contact section.

You can perform cascading searches. For example, you can select all vegan recipes, then from the results those that contain chocolate, and again from the results those that are breakfast recipes.


Below is an example of a recipe. Click on the “+” signs to discover all the available features.