Fresh raspberry cake

  This beautiful cake is perfect for a special occasion, like a birthday, or simply as a special treat. It is deliciously fresh and feels like spring with its raspberries and blueberries. As for the orange blossom and rose essences… hmmm… I will leave you to taste it!

Chickpea and mushroom patties

  Patties are very convenient. They are quick to make and easy to warm up, plus children tend to love them. They are also easy to combine, like with a salad or a soup. Or with oven-roasted vegetables for example (I’m thinking cauliflowers cut into mini-flowers and roasted for 20-30 minutes in the oven with […]

Gluten-free chestnut bread

  An airy and soft bread of almost a kilo, with a delicate chestnut taste. Perfect for sweet or savoury toasts.

Avo-coco-choco cookies

  These avocado and chocolate cookies have a delicate coconut flavor. On top of its healthy fatty acids, the avocado adds a special something to the taste. Very comforting and tasty…