Welcome to Light & Delight! I am Louise Boideron Gramatikov, founder of Light & Delight and mom of two little boys who started suffering from food intolerances and allergies at a very early age. There has always been so much to handle: the meals for nursery, the meals for school and the meals at home. Not to mention that my husband and I have intolerances ourselves!

I can say that I have been put to the test these past few years, and I want to share everything I have learnt. In order to help anyone who is having a hard time managing intolerances or allergies  (or any other condition that leads to a diet change) to find their way, and especially parents, as I know how heavy this burden can be for moms and dads, and by extension for the whole family.

While I have learnt a lot in recent years through medical appointments and reading, I take it upon myself to help you as best I can and quench my (great) curiosity. Therefore, I decided to go back to school to study nutrition and graduated in 2021. I am currently studying micronutrition, which I find to be equally fascinating. I will be sure to share my knowledge with you throughout the articles of the “Light” section.

Read on, enjoy the recipes and do not hesitate to send a message (in the comments, on social networks or through the contact form) if you need help or feel like sharing.