I'm Louise

I’m a nutritionist and micronutritionist based in Geneva, Switzerland, where I live with my husband and our two sons. And guess what? We all have gut-related issues that I’ve been dealing with for years! So much so that I want to share with you what I’ve learnt the hard way, so as to make YOUR path to better gut health just easier!

My mission: helping you on your journey to better gut health

Because I know it can be daunting overwhelming all too much confusing

How do I do that?

by enlightening your path with something I call…

… a little stardust

of knowledge

I build classes for you, so you can learn about your body and your health. Because I know by experience that knowledge is key to taking care of your gut properly.

of coaching

I help you through one-on-one online consults if you feel like you need more support. So we can talk about your situation and your needs.

of cooking

Cooking the free-from diet you need can feel demanding. Well it shouldn't be this daunting, which is why I'm offering you yummy and easy recipes.

Why this mission?

Well, I spent several years dealing with my kids’ food allergies and intolerances, plus my husband’s and my own, with no help whatsoever. Until I felt deeply exhausted by this heavy burden and started thinking about all of you who would have to go through the same trial. I felt so much empathy that I knew I had to share all I could in order to help. I felt it was a calling and I embraced it.

Since I started on this path, I built this website from scratch, developed recipes, learnt food photography, studied nutrition, studied micronutrition, won an award from the Swiss Allergy Center, started online consultations and built the first courses. 

I’m so very grateful… 

I’ll keep going with whatever my heart tells me you need, and whatever YOU tell me you need. So if you feel strongly about something you would need help with, just contact me here!

Some questions you might have

Let’s answer this question right away so we’re on the same page here: no, I am not a medical doctor. I hold a degree in nutrition, and another one in micronutrition. I studied both fields in Geneva, Switzerland. The information and advice you find on Light & Delight, and the consultations I offer do not replace medical advice from your doctor. They are meant to be the much needed complementary toolbox that will help you on your path to better gut health.

I share with you the lessons I’ve learnt on my own journey: a lot of knowledge about the gut and being healthy, how to cook free-from meals, how to best get organised in order to cope with this very demanding lifestyle, and a lot more. Have a question or need some support? Just book a consultation here and we’ll discuss your needs.

The way I see it, it takes a lot to go from a not-so-healthy-gut lifestyle to a healthy-gut lifestyle. The transition might be quite demanding and hard to go through. Getting appropriate help can make a whole world of difference, and I like to think of the help I give as that little something that’s actually going to make a huge difference. Like a star is made of stardust, all the stardust I give you, put together, will become your North star, the one you need to guide you on this new path.