A mini-course that might give you just the spark you need to ignite a whole new path to health. Feeling like you don't have all the answers about your health? Let's sprinkle some stardust on your health journey.


Here is what you'll learn abouT

Our gut is a crucial element of our health. When it looses its fine-tuned balance, our whole system can be thrown out of whack.

The consequences might be seemingly smalllike feeling a little off, or they might be major, like full-blown inflammatory diseases. Not to mention those from the gut-brain connection!

It this mini-course, we’ll explore how the state of our gut health can affect our overall wellbeing, so you can get going on your gut health journey.

it's not magic though... it's knowledge

get to know your gut

We'll dive into 10 consequences of poor gut health. Some of them obvious, some seemingly completely unrelated, and yet...

connect the dots

...and yet you'll understand the mechanisms, the connections, and why you should pay attention to those symptoms

& Find your path

Your newly found knowledge will be a tool that will help you get hope and set new health goals, so you can take better care of your health


I Am Louise Boideron

With 10 years spent dealing with my own gut issues and those of my two children, plus a degree in nutrition and one in micronutrition, I have acquired quite some experience and knowledge when it comes to the gut. Through my trying to get everyone better and juggle everything, I came to understand and feel that many of you need a little help, some guidance, some support, so it is my mission to help you get the knowledge and tools you need to be empowered and find your way to more wellness. A little stardust of knowledge can go a long way…

Let's answer some questions you might have with these F.A.Q.

This class was made super simple on purpose. It does not require any previous medical/anatomy knowledge. It is gut basics made easy. So don’t worry and jump in

This class was designed to be taken easily. It’s going to take you 20 minutes max, but what matters is that within those 20 minutes you might have this « haha » moment

One step at a time my friend! Knowledge is empowering. Another more complete class will be coming out in January, with more explanations about the way your body works and why your gut gets dysfunctional, plus the concrete steps to take to get better. Also, you can book a consultation directly with me if you need more immediate guidance.

The answer is yes. You should get valuable information out of this mini-course, so if you feel like you didn’t get any, you can get a full refund within 7 days of your purchase. Because that’s just the right way to do things.


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Video 48 Min  + 2 Min read to complete

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